Pest Control:

The R.M. has 2 pest control officers on staff to conduct farm site inspections.

Bait is available to the agricultural ratepayers of the municipality, at no charge.

Bait Stations are available at the office for $40.00 each.

Skunk traps are available to use for $20.00 deposit.

Beaver Control:

The R.M. is in the Beaver Control Program and will pay $50.00/Beaver tail with the following conditions:

- Must hold a current trapper license.

Gravel Policy:

The R.M. gravel policy is 2 loads per ratepayer per year, when time is permitted.

Rock Products                -               Gravel, plus mileage                $15.00/yard

                                        -               Semi                                         $ 0.50/yard mile

                                        -              Tandem                                     $ 0.75/yard mile

Dust Control:

Dust control in the form of magnesium chloride is available to ratepayers at a cost of $700.00/bag which does approximately 200-300 metres or 1 yard site.

Snow Removal:

After heavy snowfalls, bus routes and high traffic main roads are prioritized, then shifts to grid roads and farm access roads.

Weed Control:

The R.M. is a member of the ADD Board, which employs a weed inspector, please call the office if you have any weed concerns.